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How to update DNS when Mshini administers your domain name

Should you have registered your domain name with Mshini Hosting, or transferred it over to our registrar, and you would like to update some of the DNS records, we will gladly action these changes on your behalf.

Once you have the DNS record details that you would like updated and/or changed, you can include them in a DNS update request email and send them to our helpdesk at

Please include all records to be updated in text format exactly as they were provided. You would also need to include the correct DNS record details like Host, TTL, Type, Priority and Value. This is to help ensure that the DNS records are updated accordingly with no mistakes.

Once we have received all the required DNS record details, we will update the changes you requested on your behalf.

DNS updates and/or changes can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate and reflect the changes made.