Founded in 2016 in Cape Town, Mshini is the first specialist WordPress hosting company in South Africa. Our customers benefit from a purpose built WordPress hosting platform, allowing them to deliver high performance sites in a fraction of the time.
Mshini is a proudly bootstrapped startup from Cape Town, South Africa and was birthed out of passion, frustration and necessity.


Our team has a combined 18 years of hosting experience and we’re extremely passionate about WordPress and all things open source. We love technology and we enjoy helping people benefit from technology. This is why we strive to make hosting and maintaining a WordPress website a delight for every one of our customers. We accomplish this by utilising the world’s most powerful and cutting-edge open source technology on top of rock solid server hardware and unparalleled network infrastructure.


We at Mshini love WordPress and we love what it empowers users to do. Until now however, hosting a WordPress site in South Africa hasn’t been the enjoyable and painless experience that its creators envisioned it to be. We’ve worked hard to create a hosting platform that brings the absolute best out of your WordPress site. With Mshini, WordPress is instantly available! No more having to download and upload ZIP files via FTP, no more so called “one-click-installers” and best of all, no more frustration!


As a South African WordPress fan, if you wanted a great WordPress hosting experience on a platform that was tailor made for your site, you were forced to look to foreign shores for a specialised WordPress host. With Forex rates what they are, paying for hosting in Dollars, Euros or Pounds is becoming increasingly expensive. Add to this SA’s poor international connectivity and hosting your site abroad becomes even less attractive. It is out of this necessity that Mshini was founded.