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How Do I Transfer My Domain Name Away?

If you’re considering transferring your domain name to another registrar and we currently manage it for you, the process is straightforward.

Typically, the new registrar initiates the transfer process. Once you’ve reached out to the new registrar and asked them to start the transfer of your domain, as the domain owner, you’ll receive an email requesting the transfer. You must accept this transfer request email for the process to be completed.

After accepting the transfer request email, the domain will be transferred to the new registrar. There are a few things to consider when transferring certain domain names.

If the domain is newly registered, it may not be eligible for transfer. Newly registered domains must wait 60 days before they’re eligible for transfer.

Also, certain TLDs like .com, .org, etc., may have a transfer fee imposed by the new registrar. Many domain types require the domain to be unlocked before transferring and also require you to provide an EPP code.

For domain unlocks and EPP codes, you can email us from the authorised email to request that we unlock the domain and provide you with the EPP code needed for the transfer.

We recommend that you ensure all necessary DNS records for related services are copied over and prepopulated with the new registrar when you initiate the transfer. This will help prevent any downtime or missing DNS records that may not have been transferred over correctly.