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Will Mshini manage my domain name and email?

With respect to your domain name, we can start the process of transferring your domain from the current registrar to Mshini’s registrar, DiaMatrix.

You can email us your domain transfer request if you want us to transfer your domain name. We will start the transfer process for you. The domain name owner must approve the domain transfer authorization request that will be sent to the domain owner’s email address.

Some TLDs (.com, .net, etc.) require an authorization code (EPP key) for the transfer. If your domain falls into this category, you will need to provide Mshini with this EPP key before we can initiate the transfer. Some of these TLDs also have a transfer fee, depending on what TLD is being transferred.

Mshini Hosting has partnered with Zoho Mail to offer email hosting services. You can easily sign up for Zoho Mail through our website and create your own email address using your domain.

For further information and pricing on our email offerings, you may click here.