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Will Mshini manage my domain name and email?

Mshini specialises in WordPress hosting and doesn’t offer any email hosting service. We’ve specifically chosen not to offer email hosting as we couldn’t compete with the likes of Zoho and Google’s G Suite in the email hosting space.

Should you not already have an email solution in place, you would need to make use of a 3rd party mail hosting service. For recommendations on 3rd party mail hosting providers, kindly visit this link.

With respect to your domain name, we’re able to initiate a domain transfer from the current domain registrar to Mshini’s domain registrar, DiaMatrix. Should you wish for us to proceed in this regard, you need simply give us the go ahead and accept the domain transfer authorisation request which would be sent to your email address.

Some TLDs (.com, .net, etc.) require an authorisation code (EPP key) in order to transfer and should your domain be one of these, you would need to forward this EPP key to Mshini before we’re able to initiate the domain transfer.