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Does Mshini Provide Any Email Hosting?

email hosting

We have partnered with Zoho to provide our customers with reliable email hosting.

Looking for custom domain-based email addresses? Look no further! You can now sign up with our mail partner Zoho and create your very own email address with your domain. You can also set up email aliases and migrate your existing email.

Zoho Mail prioritizes your security by implementing the best privacy practices, email security, and compliance measures to keep your data safe.

Mshini Hosting offers you two email plans to choose from:

Standard Mail:

Mail Plus:

Get all the features of the standard Mail plan plus a communication suite and Zoho online office application integration.

If you would like to explore our email offerings or sign up for your very own custom domain email, please visit our website, or simply click on the link below:

Mshini Hosting Mail Plans