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How To Update Your Domain’s Nameservers

If you require assistance with updating your domain nameservers, we will handle the process for you.

In order to avoid any possible mistakes and downtime, please be sure to include the exact name of the nameservers, in plain text format. You can copy and paste the details into your email request to update your domain’s nameservers.

Once received we will update your domain nameserver on your behalf.

Once your domain’s nameserver has been updated, it can take up to 48 hours for this update to reflect. This would mainly be due to how the DNS propagation process works.

During this time, ISP nodes globally, with varying DNS caches, (Time To Live), will update on the changes made.

At times, there might be visitors who are still directed to the previous nameservers, which have not yet been updated to reflect the changes. While other visitors might be directed to the new nameservers shortly after the update was made.

As soon as the DNS propagation has been fully completed, will all visitors be directed to the newly updated nameservers.

Need to point your domain’s DNS to our Mshini server? Please check our How to Point Your DNS guide here for further instructions.