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How do I cancel with my previous hosting provider?

Once we’ve migrated your WordPress site onto the Mshini server and the site functionality has been tested thoroughly, your DNS records will need to be updated to point to the Mshini server’s IP address in order to make your website live.

We could do this on your behalf if we have access to your hosting control panel, or you could ask your current host to update your DNS records.

You may visit this link for more information on updating your domain’s DNS records to point to Mshini.

Only after your WordPress site has gone live on the Mshini server, you have set up your email with a new provider and you have transferred your domain name to our Mshini registrar, would we suggest waiting about 2-3 weeks after the domain transfer before cancelling with your previous hosting provider. This should allow sufficient time for DNS propagation as well as search engine bots to crawl your site on our server.