Mshini receives the Yoast stamp of approval

April 4, 2017

We’ve made the list!!  Which list you ask??  The good folks at Yoast are on a mission to help WordPress users WHIP their WordPress hosting into shape!

With over 3 million active installs, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular and downloaded plugins for WordPress.  Team Yoast publish regular and super informative blog posts on how to improve your site’s SEO, and their latest drive is to ensure that you choose a quality host.  A web host provides the engine that your site runs on (their words, not ours) and choosing a well-regarded and forward-thinking host is key to ensuring the security, speed, and future-proofing of your site.

As of Yoast SEO 4.5, administrators of sites running on PHP 5.2 will receive a notice in their dashboards, warning them that their website runs on an older, unsupported, version of PHP.  The notice, which will be big, ugly, and non-dismissible, will explain why the site administrator should upgrade the PHP version of the site.  Yoast is doing this mainly to improve the security and speed of WordPress sites.  The notice will also encourage people to contact their host if they don’t know how to upgrade their version of PHP.

If your current web host isn’t willing to work with you, or if you’re just not feeling valued at your current host, it may be time to think about moving hosts.  Yoast have vetted and compiled a list of web hosts that have received the Yoast stamp of approval.  We at Mshini are extremely pleased to announce that we’re on the list.

* Header image courtesy of Yoast vs

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Up to 3 WordPress sites

3 WordPress Installs
Auto Generated Dev URLs
10GB Local Storage per Site
Unlimited Data Transfer
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
Free Site Migrations




A single WordPress site

1 WordPress Install
10GB Local Storage
Unlimited Data Transfer
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
Free Site Migration
Staging Site
30 day money back guarantee




From 10 WordPress sites

From 10 WordPress Installs
From 10GB Local Storage per Site
Unlimited Data Transfer
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
Free Site Migrations
Staging Sites


The fastest WordPress hosting in South Africa. A toolset that will make maintaining your WordPress site the pleasure it ought to be. Friendly and efficient service from WordPress experts. We're committed to enhancing your WordPress experience and raising your expectations.

Locally Hosted

Local hosting means reduced latency and quicker response times for visitors to your site.

Optimised Servers

Our technologically advanced software stack delivers superior WordPress performance.

Server Side Caching

No need for caching plugins with hundreds of settings. Your site will load really, really fast!

Daily Backups

Scheduled and on-demand backups of your content are stored in secure off-site vaults.

Staging Site

Clone your live site to a staging site with 1-click to test plugins, themes and custom code.

Highly Secure

Daily malware scans secure your website and give you an edge over spam and hackers.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL

Install a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for your website with 1-click in your control panel.

Expert Support

Our friendly South African WordPress experts will help resolve any hosting issues.

Automatic Updates

Choose to have your WordPress core files, plugins and themes automatically updated.

Vulnerability Scanning

We scan your WordPress core files, plugins and themes for known vulnerabilities.

Free Site Migrations

Free site migrations to a Mshini staging environment without impacting your live site.

Emergency Rollback

Restore your live site from the most recent backup with 1-click in your customer control panel.