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What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell protocol) is a software package that enables secure system administration and file transfers over insecure networks. It is far more reliable to use when transferring large files, as the connection is more stable than FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

A brief overview of how SSH works.

In order to make an SSH connection, you need SSH Key Pairs. A key on your device and a key on the server you want to access. If your keys do not match, the connection is denied.

The key on the device you want to access is the Public Key. You can use this key on several devices if you want, or store it somewhere in plain text. This is just a string of code that serves as authentication for a particular key. This is the key you would provide within your Mshini Control Panel.

The key on your computer or other device is the Private Key. This serves as the authentication needed to allow you access to devices that have your Public Key. Like any password, you should keep this key in a secure location. If you lose your Private Key, or your Private Key is compromised, you will need to regenerate both the Private and the Public Key in order to have secure access to your device again.

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