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Sending large amounts of email with Mshini

At Mshini, we focus our energy and infrastructure on providing a premium hosting platform to build world-class WordPress sites and applications. When our customers want to send emails, we want them to have the same best-in-class service for that as well, and as such we recommend using 3rd party services like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

There are 3 major reasons Mshini does not allow large amounts of emails to be sent as part of our hosting platform:

  1. Email blasts are a sensitive business, and there is always the chance that the recipients of an email will flag the email as spam, which will reflect back on IP addresses. We take every precaution to keep our IP address squeaky clean. Emails generated via WordPress are sent from our IP infrastructure, so if those IP addresses ever get blacklisted for spam, it might adversely affect a large number of customers. That’s not good.
  2. When you send an email blast, you also want to ensure delivery. Companies like MailChimp and Constant Contact, spend a great deal of time and resources ensuring delivery of emails sent via their IP addresses. Managing their IP addresses to make sure emails reach their destination is a key part of their business, just like managing the scalability of your high-traffic WordPress sites is part of ours.
  3. On a standard server, WordPress emails are generated for lost passwords and comment notifications by a command line service. The service generating these emails is somewhat generic and doesn’t usually allow a SysAdmin to manage and ensure delivery.

Please Note: to ensure server stability across our shared-hosting platform we do limit the amount of emails that can be sent in an hour.

WordPress is an amazing and versatile tool, and there’s almost no limit to the things you can build with it. However, just because you can send emails with WordPress, that doesn’t always mean you should. In the best practice environment, there are specialized services like MailChimp and Constant Contact (+ others) that are a complete email solution for your business and will provide you with optimal results. If your email service provides its own SMTP server, then things will work out just fine.

Looking for email hosting? e have partnered with Zoho and offer email hosting for domain-based emails. For further information please click here.