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How To Transfer Your Domain Name To Mshini

If you have an existing domain name and are wondering how to transfer it to Mshini, the process is simple.

Just send us an email with your request, including the domain name and your intention to transfer it to our Mshini registrar.

Mshini Hosting will handle the domain name transfer for you.

If your domain has any necessary DNS records, such as mail MX DNS records, please provide them in plain text format along with your transfer request email.

Once the transfer is initiated, the domain owner will receive a transfer request email that must be approved to complete the process.

The domain will be transferred using the existing nameservers from the source registrar to avoid any downtime, ensuring your website functions normally.

After the transfer is complete, we will update the nameservers to our premium ones and update the DNS records provided.

We will also set up a domain name renewal subscription on your hosting account to automatically renew your domain annually using the card on your profile.

If you would like to have a look at some of our domain registration prices, please refer to our TLD guide here.