Customer Experience Spotlight: STITCHED

December 7, 2018

Mshini thrives on customer feedback. We take each message we receive to heart, implementing new solutions when problems present themselves and making sure that we have your WordPress site in the best shape it can be. With this in mind, the Customer Experience Spotlight series will share real client stories, showing where Mshini has been the difference between making a good website and a great one.


Claire Nieuwoudt is the talent and brain behind Stitched, where she sells handcrafted ties, bowties and suspenders for all ages. By her own admission, she lives with an addiction to fabric and adding the finishing touches to her clients’ special occasion.


We met Claire at WordCamp 2018 where she was a guest speaker with the talk How To Rock Customer Service In Ecommerce. In her talk she shared her experiences with WordPress and showed how having a client-centric attitude is vital in making any business a success. But chatting to her afterwards, she confided in us that while her business was booming, she was having problems with her website that were putting a damper on her spirits.


“The worst issue an online store owner can face is when server generated emails are not being received by clients or delivered. Virtually overnight, Gmail started gobbling all of our order notifications and order progress emails into spam and clients were not happy. People were panicking because they weren’t receiving confirmation of payment from the online store. It doubled my admin load as I had to manually email everyone every step of the way. Sometimes late at night when new orders came in, it was a nightmare.


After countless weeks of Googling the problem inside out, trying all sorts of mailer plugins, I stumbled on some info that pointed at the quality of the server being the culprit. When I found Mshini I nearly fainted with relief.


The migration was absolutely painless, the customer service first class, and not only have my email woes been put to bed, I’ve noticed a big improvement in site speed, even when adding new images to the site the upload is so much faster. This makes adding new products lightning fast. Whoop!


Don’t make the mistake of choosing a hosting company on price alone. It forms the foundation of your website and has all sorts of technical implications you may only realise once things go wrong. I can highly recommend Mshini for new and existing online shops who use Woocommerce like me.”

Claire Nieuwoudt, owner of Stitched


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